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The Ecuadorian Ministry of Education recognizes the academic program at Fundación Amauta  / Amauta Spanish School.

Study Spanish during the week in the mornings 3 to 4 hours per day, one on one instruction in every aspect of the Spanish language, conversation, grammar, speaking and listening and in the afternoon (2 to 3 hours) visiting the city with your professor, and the same time practice Spanish. Having the opportunity to be introduced into our culture and enjoy our customs.


Family home stay: $21 per day (Includes two meals and laundry).  Students share activities with the family if desired.

Amauta will provide you with the weekly list of recommended cultural activities that take place every night of the week.

Weeks 1 2 3 Extra week
6 hours per day 340 680 1020 340
7 hours per day 385 770 1155 385

No registration fee


Number of weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Extra week
Prices $147 $294 $441 $580 $735 $882 $1029 $1176 147

The price includes: private room, two meals a day and weelky laundry service is included with this option

We arrange homestay with local families for all our students. Students have their own rooms, eat all their meals and participate in family life. This allows for Spanish practice outside the classroom and integration into community life. Families in both urban and rural areas are available.

You can choose whether you want to stay in a house or apartment; whether you want to stay with the family that has children; or even a vegetarian family. 

For those who prefer to live independently, we can arrange for a private room or apartment.

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